Quotes of the Week

The Latino vote has become the chupacabra. Everyone's talking about it, but no one has seen it.

Democratic strategist Chuck Rocha, quoted in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

I'm pitching a tent in Tarrant County. As for 2014, I'm leaving all my options open.

Domingo Garcia of Dallas, after losing a Dallas-Tarrant county primary for Congress, in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

He doesn't believe in the American free enterprise system, because he doesn't understand the principles that truly make us great.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., on President Obama's business polices, to a group of Houston Republicans, in the Houston Chronicle

This is a market-share grab. The state does not get the money. The states lose the businesses and the jobs that companies that do business in these states provide.

Yolanda Nader, chief executive at Dosal Tobacco Corp., on why the state should charge small tobacco companies an additional tax to match what big companies pay

I think it’s a very bold choice. And an exciting and interesting pick. It’s going to elevate the campaign into a debate over big ideas. It means Romney-Ryan can run on principles and provide some real direction and vision for the Republican Party. And probably lose. Maybe big.

Political strategist Mark McKinnon on Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate, quoted in Politico 

Nothing makes me madder than someone making fun of a Republican that isn't exactly the way they are. We are here to represent our states and if someone is a Republican and wants to be a Republican, they should be welcome in the Republican Party.

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to MSNBC

The actions of the EPISD reflect not only an utter disregard for the needs of students served by the district but also a willingness to cast aside basic principles that form the foundation of our systems of instruction and accountability.

Richard Todd Webster, chief deputy commissioner of the Texas Education Agency, in a letter concerning a cheating scandal in El Paso public schools, as reported by the El Paso Times

No, I’m disappointed that I wasn’t the choice for the presidential slot.

Rick Perry to The Dallas Morning News on whether he was disappointed that he wasn't picked as Mitt Romney's running mate