Quotes of the Week

The city is under siege. Sandy is pretty furious at Atlantic City. She must have lost a bet or something.

Thomas Foley, Atlantic City's emergency management chief, in The New York Times

The 2000 election scared the hell out of people. Campaigns are now armed to the hilt with lawyers beforehand so they aren't caught off guard.

Columbia University political scientist Nate Persily, quoted in the Bradenton (FL) Herald

The sleeping giant of the Texas Latino vote is poised to awaken and alter the fate of every future election.

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa and actress Eva Longoria in a column for Politico

I didn't run for Senate as 'elect me because I'm the Hispanic guy.' I ran for Senate because I had the strongest conservative record of any candidate.

Ted Cruz to the San Antonio Express-News

The House members who in good faith voted for these redistricting maps certainly have the right to know that the process was conducted properly and fairly. I respectfully ask that you respond to the claims made so that the House and the people of Texas will have all of the facts.

Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, in a letter to House Speaker Joe Straus

I think anything that advances, encourages monogamy is a good thing. And frankly how could you be against people who want to get their affairs in order and have a loving household? So, yeah, I’m evolving, but admittedly I’m not there yet, nor do I believe the district is there yet, but times change and things may change.

Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, quoted by the Dallas Voice on same-sex unions

We have a lot of regard and respect for Gov. Perry. And I think Gov. Perry has learned a few things about running for president. One is, if he’s going to get in, get in a little earlier than he did. Two is he shouldn’t have back surgery. And definitely be off Oxycodone.

Social conservative Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa, in The Dallas Morning News