Quotes of the Week

I guess we all need to see what it looks like when we don’t have it, and then we may need to regroup at that point.

Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham, the chairwoman of the House Public Health Committee, on the likely death of the state's Women's Health Program

... The state must allow tax cheats, deadbeat parents, and even people suspected of serious abuse to participate in the Medicaid program. This is a risk I am unwilling to expose our clients to.

Health and Human Services Commissioner Tom Suehs, on what would happen if state's aren't allowed to deviate from federal Medicaid rules

It pains me to think that there’d be another 32-year-old diagnosed with breast cancer and not be able to get screened or treated until stage 4, whereas I was treated at stage 1 and had a much better outcome.

Rep. Sarah Davis, a Houston Republican and breast cancer survivor, on the likely demise of the state's Women's Health Program

There are areas now in this country that still have a lot of racism. It's been brought up by me at the debates, but believe me, they don't want to touch it, especially in a Republican primary.

Ron Paul at a campaign stop in Michigan on Monday

To say that people are ganging up on me in a debate — when there’s only four people in the debate and they’re raising questions – kinds of speaks for itself.

Senior Romney campaign adviser Stuart Stevens on allegations that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have joined forces to defeat Rick Santorum

I'm looking at running for something.

Republican Debra Medina, telling the Austin American-Statesman she might run for comptroller in 2014.