Quotes of the Week

Greg is a dear friend. He has said clearly that if I ran again he's not going to be running against me. But that's beside the point.

Gov. Rick Perry to WFAA-TV on a potential primary fight in 2014 between him and Attorney General Greg Abbott

I lettered in basketball. I am ready for the one on one.

Former Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia, after learning she will face Rep. Carol Alvarado in a runoff election to fill a vacant Senate seat 

I currently represent 20 percent of the district. She represented 75 percent. I feel pretty good about how we were able to build our name ID up.

Alvarado, on the same subject

If Congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, I will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away.

President Barack Obama on his preferred timeline for when members of Congress should consider an immigration bill

It’s the decisions made here, in this chamber, in this building, that will determine what Texas will look like 50 years from now.

Gov. Rick Perry in his State of the State address

He didn't talk about so many of the things that were part of his speech two years ago that really were representative of that extremist agenda. I think he's obviously trying to set himself up for a higher office, and perhaps understands that that's not reflective of what the nation wants to see.

Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, to the San Antonio Express-News on Perry's speech

It’s not a living document. It’s dead, dead, dead.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, talking about the Constitution at a forum at SMU, quoted in The Dallas Morning News