Quotes of the Week

It's a walk-off home run for Perry. His jobs and economy narrative is now complete and real.

GOP political strategist Mark McKinnon on Toyota's move from California to Texas and what it might mean for the presidential hopes of Gov. Rick Perry

It doesn't make sense to have oversight of manufacturing 2,000 miles away from where the cars were made. Geography is the reason not to have our headquarters in California.

Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz suggesting the driving factor behind the company's move to Texas was geography and that $40 million in economic incentives were a "minor factor"

I, as lieutenant governor, wouldn't go to McDonald's and get a Happy Meal in the middle of a pro-life debate.

GOP lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick, criticizing the incumbent David Dewhurst in a Wednesday debate for meeting with his political consultant at a steak restaurant during floor debate over an abortion bill.

I think we have the composite of Pappy O'Daniel, Huey Long and Elmer Gantry as one of the choices today.

Former GOP lite guv candidate Jerry Patterson on his erstwhile rival Dan Patrick

Politics needs to be more interesting because it can be pretty darn boring in this day and age.

Former Democratic nominee for governor Chris Bell, giving one reason for his decision to support former political rival Kinky Friedman for ag commissioner