Quotes of the Week

I do not believe you have violated current board rules or policy, and I do not believe a vote on your service is appropriate. However, something must change, and I urge you to take the selfless step to benefit the UT system and to resign immediately.

Paul Foster, chairman of the UT System board of regents, asking embattled Regent Wallace Hall to step down

Texans should be outraged by his treatment, and deeply concerned it will have a chilling effect on those who are tasked with the oversight of state agencies and institutions that they are responsible for.

Gov. Rick Perry, defending Hall against his critics 

I’ll leave it in the hands of God – he’s handled our planet very well for a long time.

GOP lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick on his approach to climate change

My heart goes out to Dan and his family for what they've endured while coping with his condition.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, in a widely panned statement in the immediate aftermath of the release of medical records on his opponent Dan Patrick's treatment for depression and exhaustion in the 1980s

I'm appalled that he didn't take the time to read them and study them and find out what documents if any were relevant to today.

Dewhurst, expressing his displeasure a few days later with his former rival Jerry Patterson for releasing the Patrick medical records.