Quotes of the Week

My language should be tighter. I’m learning about using broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis on discrepancies that have surfaced in her biography, such as her age when she was first divorced

If this involved a man running for office, none of this would ever come up. It’s so sad. Every time I ran, somebody said I needed to be home with my kids. Nobody ever talks about men being responsible parents.

Former Fort Worth City Councilwoman Becky Haskin on the scrutiny this week of Wendy Davis, her former colleague

The answer is yes, I’d think about it. It would either be in Texas or Florida.

Talk show host Sean Hannity, answering a question from a viewer via Facebook about whether he plans to run for office in the future

Like [former Democratic] Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock without the tantrums.

Lite guv candidate Jerry Patterson on what his presiding style would be like

The difference between Scott Turner and David Simpson is Scott Turner runs a faster 40.

State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, assessing the chances of the latest challenger to House Speaker Joe Straus

I believe that our Texas government doesn’t represent the fairness that I think Texans feel.

Carolyn Oliver, an Austin doctor, on why she gave $1 million to the Wendy Davis campaign for governor

John Cornyn is the Mr. Pibb of conservatism.

Steve Stockman, who apparently has something against the Coca-Cola product, on his Twitter feed