Quotes of the Week

Trump is a great incentive for Hispanics to become citizens and vote against that type of thinking — anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-American. I say that as a Republican.

Hispanic Republicans of Texas co-founder Juan Hernandez, on a wave of legal immigrants seeking to become naturalized citizens in order to vote this year in the presidential contest

He says he voted. He sent it within 72 hours of receiving it.

Jeff Miller, Rick Perry's former campaign manager, insisting to the Tribune that the former Texas governor voted in the GOP primary this year despite records showing a completed mail-in ballot was never received

It’s a little bit of a Wild West show. ... Some of the comments that have been made, I think, are quite deplorable. I would like to see our candidates focus on the issues.

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, describing the state of the 2016 Republican presidential contest to Katie Couric of Yahoo

These companies have a choice right now, a history-making choice. Do they want riots brought to us by Coca-Cola?

Rashad Robinson, the executive director of Color of Change, on his group's efforts to put pressure on companies to yank their support of this year's Republican national convention

I would really focus, and try to find a solution for the small cities. Corruption needs to go. It needs to stop.

Former Crystal City Mayor Ricardo Lopez, who resigned from office in the face of federal kickback charges, to the Tribune on a potential run for lieutenant governor