Quotes of the Week

They just said, ‘Would you be willing to pass this policy?’

Harrold ISD Superintendent David Thweatt on receiving a call last week from the attorney general's office asking the district to challenge a recent federal directive on transgender students' bathroom access

I entered the SBOE race to shine a light on some things that need to change in our public schools. Cock-roaches and politicians do not like their evil and deceptive actions exposed to the light.

Controversial SBOE candidate Mary Lou Bruner in a Facebook post that she published on Wednesday after losing the GOP party primary runoff

The book to me is all about the next rung on the ladder — what is the next rung on the ladder? ... Greg Abbott will be a candidate for president in four years.

Lobbyist Bill Miller predicting that Gov. Greg Abbott will run for president should Trump lose in November

Mr. Perfect left the building a long time ago.

Former Gov. Rick Perry to CNN late last week on why conservatives reluctant to support Donald Trump should now rally behind him