Quotes of the Week

My daughter’s getting married in October, and I figured if I did the show, I’d at least not embarrass her when we did the father-daughter dance.

Former Gov. Rick Perry telling the Tribune one of his motivations for accepting a gig on the upcoming season of the TV show, "Dancing With the Stars"

It was magnificent. You know I’m not a hip-hop guy but I’m telling you the story and the way they handled it, my hat’s off to Mr. Miranda for this extraordinary story ... if you can get a ticket, go see it.

Perry, budding theater critic, who caught "Hamilton" with his daughter this week

In terms of representing our interests abroad, and ultimately that's what Americans, I think, view their president as a symbolic representative of U.S. interests both at home and abroad, … in that respect, I think he's failed.

Tony Garza, former ambassador to Mexico under George W. Bush, issuing a scathing assessment of Donald Trump

No way Jose ... it is pouring money down the drain.

Former Trump supporter Jacob Monty, telling the Tribune that he would no longer raise money for the GOP presidential nominee