The Week in the Rearview Mirror

The Democratic National Committee plans to open a headquarters Saturday in Houston that is expected to be run in conjunction with the campaign of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Democrats characterized the move as another step in capitalizing on the race for the White House to help down-ballot candidates.

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn is declining to endorse fellow Texas Republican Ted Cruz for re-election to the Senate, just as Cruz did not back Cornyn for another term two years ago. Cruz is facing the prospect of a serious challenger after he upset some Republicans by not supporting Donald Trump at the GOP national convention.

More than 3,200 Texas students who were studying at 10 ITT Tech campuses may have to start their educations over after the private, for-profit chain shut down nationwide on Tuesday. They may be able to get student loans forgiven, or switch to community colleges.

The federal government is accusing Texas of circulating “inaccurate or misleading information” to poll workers and would-be voters about relaxed identification requirements for the November elections.

Texas consistently ranks as one of the states with the most open seats on the federal bench, with some judgeships vacant for years. Five nominees sat for a U.S. Senate committee hearing Wednesday. The hearing came after legal scholars and analysts have accused Republican senators, including Cruz and Cornyn of Texas of intentionally stalling several nominations.

After struggling with mental illness, including three admissions at psychiatric treatment centers, Republican Susan Hawk stepped down from her position as Dallas County District Attorney on Tuesday.