Quotes of the Week

It's a complete waste of money, and I think people are starting to figure that out.

Republican strategist Barry Bennett on the seemingly little effect that money spent on ads is having on the 2016 presidential race

I’d rather see folks come together, work together to find solutions, but from time to time, you’ve got to lay the marker down ... There’s that old adage, ‘You gotta hit the mule upside the head to get its attention from time to time.’ I’d suggest that’s exactly what the senator was doing.

Rick Perry, who endorsed Ted Cruz for president, on the Texas senator's working relationship with Washington

They create unreasonable expectations with voters and talk about things that they themselves know aren’t possible, but they demagogue the issue and that has created a problem for Republicans being able to actually govern.

Former National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brian Walsh on the difficulties created for Republicans by conservative media

The difference between Republican John Lujan and Democrat Tomas Uresti is the difference between cat shit and dog shit.

Ed Espinoza of Progress Texas, blaming the quality of the candidate for the Democrats' loss of the HD-118 seat in a special election this week