Quotes of the Week

Greg Abbott and his folks have picked a fight with the wrong Texas gal if they think that I will shrink from working to fight for a just and right future for all Texans. I will keep fighting hard — no matter what the other side throws at me.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis jabbing back hard at critics who have seized on discrepanices in her life story to say she's unfit for office

Frankly, a citizen who cannot carry a firearm is not much of a citizen. Frankly, he’s a serf.

Lieutenant governor candidate Jerry Patterson in Monday's televised debate, speaking on the importance of Second Amendment rights

Stockman and State Department officials met with and held press conferences with foreign leaders on matters of U.S. interests. ... Stockman also used the official trip to expose the partisan bias of the American media, who claimed they did not know where he was.

U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Friendswood, explaining the reason for his absence from the campaign trail — he'd been on a 10-day official visit to Egypt, Israel and Russia

Money attracts consultants like honey attracts bees.

Political consultant Mark McKinnon on why Texas races attract the top consultant talent from across the nation

The question is, Are we prepared to say as lawyers that a man who is no longer considered moral enough to be a journalist is moral enough to be a lawyer? If people flame out in journalism because of dishonesty, is the law open to them? I think the answer is no.

New York University legal ethics professor Stephen Gillers on what makes disgraced journalist Stephen Glass' attempts to remake himself as a lawyer compelling to the world at large