Quotes of the Week

I don’t think there are a whole lot of voters in this country that give a flying flip about the birther issue.

Ted Cruz, defending Donald Trump after Monday's presidential debate where his role in the birther movement was questioned

I think I have to apologize and say, maybe, perhaps, those of you who said Ted Cruz is calculating and a smarmy politician, I think I may have to slightly agree with you and apologize for saying, 'No, he wasn't.'

Glenn Beck after an interview Monday with Cruz on his decision to endorse Trump

Honestly I haven’t had this much fun with an election in a really long time. Is it time to start doing opposition research on the other teams?

Deirdre Delisi, former aide to Rick Perry, confessing via Facebook to voting 65 times for her former boss to keep him on "Dancing With the Stars"

There’s a lot of homespun sense of place in Iowa, but there was no place where people served me waffles the shape of Iowa.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy on the everlasting love that Texans have for the shape of their state