Quotes of the Week

Well, if you have someone who's running for president of the United States who is standing up and reciting Russian propaganda as fact, you have a very, very deep problem.

Journalist Kurt Eichenwald on hearing Donald Trump repeat words that he wrote that had been wrongly attributed earlier to Hillary Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal by a Russian media outlet

Yeah, we talk about girls, but we don't talk that way. Disrespect is not allowed in the locker room.

South Garland High School senior defensive tackle T.J. Williams to The Dallas Morning News on Trump's defense of his lewd comments about women as "locker-room talk"

I personally will withhold contributions and withhold my assistance for anyone who will not support our nominee. I feel congressmen need to be a voice for the people and they need to keep country first.

Mica Mosbacher, former finance co-chair of the Republican National Committee, who is not abandoning Trump after his lewd comments about women became public

The Republican Party in Texas has jumped the shark. Strong condemnations of Donald Trump, while still supporting his candidacy, ring hollow, cynical and hypocritical.

Jenifer Sarver, a former George W. Bush administration official, on the decision by leading GOP elected officials to condemn Trump's language on women but not to pull their endorsements