Quotes of the Week

They got defined as ‘low energy’ by a guy who took an escalator to his own announcement.

An unnamed Jeb Bush bundler on Bush's problems confronting Donald Trump

I pray to God that one day we can field a female Bernie Sanders candidate, some disheveled lady yelling, and the country will seriously consider her. But nothing in our culture indicates to me that that’s remotely possible right now.

Aminatou Sow, founder of a support network for women in technology, on Hillary Clinton's campaign struggles and continued sexism

If you spent a day in a duck blind with Nino, you had a lot of laughs. You got to know the man.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney to The New York Times on the time he spent with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on their frequent hunting trips

You can rest assured that under my leadership, Texas will do everything it can to prevent a nuclear Iran.

Gov. Greg Abbott, in a letter to U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Illinois, author of a resolution that supports states that impose sanctions against Iran

We knew that tickets will be limited, but ‘25’ was a much lower number than I was ready to hear.

University of Houston President Renu Khator on the low number of tickets available to the host university for this week's GOP presidential debate