Quotes of the Week

You stop the rumors by winning.

UT football coach Mack Brown, on rumors of changes in top spots in University of Texas athletics

I’m not running for anything, you know, neither one.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, on The Insiders with Dave Price, a Des Moines political show, on the 2016 races for president and vice president

I mean, the blind salamander? How long are we gonna let that little bugger last?

Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, saying the Endangered Species Act protects "critters that ought to die anyway," quoted in the Houston Chronicle

I’ve been reducing the number of Democratic chairs since I came in. You know how many committees we have? Seventeen. You know how many Democratic chairs we have? Five. So I’ve been reducing them — and not one of them is one of the critical committees.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, at the same forum, quoted by the Houston Chronicle

He’s ecstatic. He’s gratified. He’s just a little bit numb. I’m hoping with today’s victory, he will be able to resume his life as he once knew it.

Tom DeLay's attorney Brian Wice, on an appeals court ruling that overturned DeLay's conviction on political money laundering, to The Associated Press

Wendy Davis has more balls than Ted Cruz.

A top House Republican aide, quoted by CNN in response to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz's assertion that a bill to defund Obamacare would die in the Senate

I have expressed some hesitancy to look at a statewide campaign for me in 2014, but politics is when timing and opportunity collide. And I also recognize that you cannot want change if you're not willing to be the agent of that change.

State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, to the San Antonio Express-News

If it’s Wendy Davis vs. Greg Abbott, then she has a 40 percent chance of winning.

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Pauken at a NE Tarrant Tea Party meeting, quoted by The Dallas Morning News